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The Qlik Sense QVD Monitor is a Qlik application that reads metadata from QVD files to provide analysis on their sizes, columns and growth over time. The sources for this application are the data connection folders that are supplied in the load script. A similar application has been available for QlikView for many years, but it has now been ported to Qlik Sense in this form.

The application is supported by Qlik’s Americas Enterprise Architecture team, and uses only native connections and capabilities of the Qlik platform–making it plug-and-play.

Questions Answered by this Application

Questions answered by the app

  1. Which QVDs are in which folder connections in my environment?

  2. Which columns are in the QVDs?

  3. How many rows are in each QVD and how large are the files?

  4. How much are the QVDs growing (or shrinking) over time?

  5. What is the overlap between QVDs, in terms of column names ?With the Qlik Sense QVD Monitor, BI Admins can spot anomalies, outliers and growth trends in their QVDs with ease. They can also identify overlaps and potentially clean up duplicative QVDs and data.

Download & Documentation

Complete documentation can be found on the Qlik Sense QVD Monitor GitHub page.