Extension Usage Dashboard


Estimated Configuration Time 15 min

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The Qlik Sense Extension Usage Dashboard is a Qlik application that parses application meta-data to uncover which applications use extension objects. The sources for this data are the meta-data fetch from the Qlik Sense Telemetry project and QRS API calls. By combining these, we can see which apps use extensions, where those extensions are used, who are the users who use extensions, which extensions are not used, as well as which extension usages could be replaced by a bundled visualization from Qlik.

Questions answered by the app

  1. Which applications in my Qlik Sense Enterprise site use extensions?
  2. For apps that use extensions, on what sheets are they?
  3. Which extensions are unused?
  4. Which apps use extensions which can be migrated to bundled visualization objects?

With the Extension Usage Dashboard, BI admins can lower their carrying costs of extensions, focus efforts during upgrades, and move their Qlik apps to using bundles from Qlik which come with full support by Qlik.


Complete documentation can be found on the Extension Usage Dashboard GitHub page.