Load Balancing Concepts


The goal of this page is to understand what the term “Load Balancing” can be in the context of a Qlik site.

Table of Contents

Load Balancing

When it comes to load balancing within the scope of Qlik, there are three general areas that are applicable:

  1. Load balancing across Qlik proxies
    • Third-party network load balancer required
    • E.g. F5 BigIP, NGINX, Netscaler, AWS ALB, Azure Application Gateway, etc
    • Requires support for websockets and sticky sessions - Required for Qlik Proxy resilience
  2. Load balancing across Qlik Engines
    • Native to Qlik at the proxy level
    • Pure round robin - Option to plug in custom load balancer
  3. Load balancing rules for applications
    • Native capability allows for “pinning” of applications to specific engines

For documentation/examples around load balancing rules, please refer to Creating load balancing rules with custom properties.