Qlik CLI for Windows


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Qlik CLI for Windows is a PowerShell module that provides a command line interface for managing a Qlik Sense environment. The module provides a set of commands for viewing and editing configuration settings, as well as managing tasks and other features available through the APIs.

This is a widely used module in the Qlik ecosystem, by services internally to Qlik, partners, and customers worldwide.

Where to get it

The Qlik CLI for Windows can be found here: Qlik CLI for Windows.


For documentation, please visit the Wiki for the repository here: Qlik CLI for Windows Wiki.

Example Script

The below is a simple example of the Qlik CLI for Windows importing an app into a Qlik environment and publishing it to a stream.

Import-QlikApp -file .\filename.qvf -name ExampleApp -upload | Publish-QlikApp -stream ExampleStream